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Stout and Bitter

Tier 1 Order Epic Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Traitor's Watch
Start Morgus Grimhand
End Od Hrodgar

Quest Chain

Hrogir Bitterstone

Skjota Bitterstone

Hrogir Bitterstone

Bruni Bitterstone

Od Hrodgar

Prisoner Post

Morgus Grimhand

  • Stout and Bitter XI

Od Hrodgar


Stout and Bitter XI map
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First kidnapping, now murder! Dietrich's Dogs are accumulating grudges faster than greenskins flinging offal. In a final insult, they've thrown Morgus aside like a used snot rag. This outrage will not be tolerated!

- Upon Examination: Morgus Grimhand's Corpse

Summary Edit

Collect the grudge for Morgus Grimhand by killing Dog Soldiers and retrieving the stolen Bitterstone shipments. The villain patrols the nearby area where Bitterstone crates are scattered.

Return to Od Hrodgar at Skalfson's Watch when done.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Dead? Why'd that wattock Dwarf get himself captured!

I hear that Wilhelm fled like the dog he is. We'll settle that grudge sooner than later, mark my words.

You did good, but be warned. Wilhelm may be after you now, so keep your eyes open.

- Od Hrodgar

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2758

External Links Edit

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