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Stout and Bitter

Tier 1 Order Epic Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Subzone Komar
Start Bruni Bitterstone
End Bruni Bitterstone

Quest Chain

Hrogir Bitterstone

Skjota Bitterstone

Hrogir Bitterstone

Bruni Bitterstone

Od Hrodgar

Prisoner Post

Morgus Grimhand

Od Hrodgar


Stout and Bitter VII map
(click to enlarge)

You're a useful {career} to have around, aren't you? Now what were you here about again?

Ah, our Bitterstone shipment! Trying to get that to the Marshes, or at least to the depot on the border? I wish I could tell you that you're home free, but you're goin' to have an even tougher time makin' it from here to Skalfson's watch, let alone to the depot on the Marsh Border. Greenskins an' human bandits line the roads, and they've got an eye out for Bitterstone Shipments.

Your best bet is to cause a distraction at Komar Gap. That'll divert some of those blasted Greenskins off the road and onto the battlefield. Then you can make your run for Skalfson's.

- Bruni Bitterstone

Summary Edit

Cause a distraction on the battlefield at Kron Komar Gap. Kill 10 Greenskins there, then report to Bruni Bitterstone.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Go down there an' make some noise.

- Bruni Bitterstone

On Completion Edit

Ha! The way you took out those blasted greenskins was quite entertainin' - look at 'em scramble. No time to enjoy the show now, {name}. You have to get going!

- Bruni Bitterstone

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1128

External Links Edit

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