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Exclamation Caution: Expanded Background Content

This material is not directly related to WAR but is provided for those wanting a broader Warhammer experience. Information herein may not be consistent with events or characters portrayed in WAR.

Vardek Crom The Conquerer is the Herald of Archaon, and the only one to survive a fight with Grimgor Ironhide. King of the Kul tribe among the Kurgan Northmen, he is one of the most powerful warriors at the time of the Storm of Chaos.


Crom's origins are largley a mystery. What is known he was a Kurgan who pledged his soul undivided, and began to conquer many fellow kurgan tribes. His skills so great that during a campaign he began to raid in a bloody pass killing all in his path and eventually had a small warband under his belt. His skills unmatched by any he knew.

The Herald of the EverchosenEdit

Crom soon began hearing of a champion of chaos said to be the leganedary Everchosen of Chaos. So Crom decided he would face this man and kill him. Crom He faced dozens of chieftans and warlords in single combat kiling each and every one of them, never loosing a battle in his long campaign and life.

Crom meets GrimgorEdit

As Crom laid eyes upon the Orc horde before him he soon he would have to kill the Orcs to get through, though this is easiar said than done.Little did he realise that the leader of the Orcs Grimgor Ironhide had purpoley sent his horde in the way of the invasion force so he could have a steady stream of fights. As the battle waged on, Crom saw Ironhide fight and as Ironhide did the same they both knew that they had found the worthy oponent one another hungered for so many years. They both began to do battle at such an epic scale. They battled one another for hours, niether able to kill either one. But finnally both stood in the middle while the Kurgan watched the Orcs flee, Grimgor ran and escaped. The Orc left an impression apon Crom. that with the Storm of Chaos there would be many good oponents.

In the StormEdit

Eventually he led his army into the Slyvania and has not been offically mentioned after the Storm of Chaos.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Crom is a wirlwind of destruction on the battlefield. In game all but a few of his special rules are due to the fact of his physical prowess in combat. He is a master combatent capable of killing all but the most deadly oponents in seconds with his lightning quik speed, such strength behind each blow, and accuracy of the strikes. He is by far one of the greatest mortal fighters in all the warhammer world.

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