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The Stonetroll Slaughter live event grants access to the Stonetroll Crossing scenario.

Small contingents of Order and Destruction forces converge upomn the main north-south route through Troll Country in an effort to secure the strategic trade route for their respective sides... without attracting the attention of wnadering trolls.

Stonetroll SlaughterEdit

The Stonetroll Crossing scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Take control of the Troll Pacifier for your realm! Use the Whack-a-Troll to mow down as many trolls as possible! Charge forth, and remember: the only good troll is a dead troll.


  • Take control of the Troll Pacifier 5 times (5)
  • Find and utilize a Whack-a-Troll to kill 20 trolls (20)
  • Participate in the Stonetroll Crossing scenario 15 times (15)
  • Complete all Stonetroll Slaughter tasks (3)


There are no rewards visible at this time.

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