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Stone Troll Crossing map

The map of Stone Troll Crossing

Stone Troll Crossing features a "flag runner" capture mechanic. Pick up the Troll Pacifier and take it to each of the three capture locations to subdue the Trolls and earn points for your Realm!

This scenario is only available during the Stonetroll Slaughter live event.


This scenario used to be a 12v12 Tier 2 specific scenario.

Stone Troll Crossing ss

The valley of Stone Troll Crossing

Stone Troll Crossing is a Tier 2 scenario. A 12 v. 12 King of the Hill, the scenario takes place in a very rocky valley - in the Troll Country - with many weirdly-twisted buttes standing in the middle of the narrow valley. As you fight in this valley, stone trolls annoyed at all the strangers invading their homes will chuck giant boulders at you quite randomly. The tall pillars of stone are very useful to hide behind breaking Line-of-Sight or to stand on top of to snipe from range.
  • Scenario type: King of the Hill
  • Scoring: Capture the central flag, then take the flag to the 3 lesser objectives around the map. Kill enemy players.
  • Winning score: 500
  • Leveling: Depending on teams and servers Stonetroll Crossing can be the worst or one of the best scenarios for sheer experience leveling. With a good team working together, 10,000 experience in approximately 4 to 6 minutes is not uncommon.

This is an extremely exciting scenario that rewards team work and skill more than any other Tier 2 scenario and more than most scenarios in general.

Stonetroll Crossing is definitely a scenario where skill triumphs over mere levels.

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