Stolen Chest of Gold (easternmost intractable object)

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Stolen Chest of Gold (easternmost intractable object)

Stolen Chest of Gold

Tier 2 Order Quest Objective
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Barak Weald
Coordinates 59300, 54900

Stolen Chest of Gold is an intractable object located in Barak Weald a subzone located in Barak Varr. Part of a shipment of Oathgold stolen by greenskins, this small cache of ore is secured near the entrance to a cave guarded by Orcs and Goblins loyal to Grimchop leader of the One Tusk Tribe.

Quests Edit

You've gotten the last case!

- Quest Completion Text: The Great Chase V

Begins Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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