Stinkfang the Vomitous

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Stinkfang SS

Stinkfang the Vomitous

Rank 40 Hero Mob
Type Monsters
Subtype Trolls
Species River Troll
Zone Ellyrion
Subzone  ???

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Stinkfang the Vomitous is a Rank 40 River Troll Hero that can be found in the Lair of Stinkfang in Ellyrion.

Known AbilitiesEdit

  • Attack: ~2400 damage.
  • Armor Penetration: ~45%
  • Putrid Vomit: ~2000 damage, followed by ~700 damage per 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • Excruciating Smite: ~1400 damage
  • Summons masses of Putrid Lizards during the fight. They are very weak, dealing only about 80 damage and die in one or two hits.

Confirmed dropsEdit

Drops 1-3 level 39 Rare BOE weapons. Tend to have either +10 threat or -10 threat modifier on them.



None confirmed. Kills required!

External LinksEdit

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