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Bestiary unlock for Giant Scorpion.

Order & DestructionEdit

First kill Crushclaw a rank 38 champion in Caledor at 51k, 46k or 47k, 43k to get: Giant Scorpion Stinger. Then kill Firestrike at 44k, 6k, or 41k, 4.7k Caledor. The Giant Scorpion Stinger will disappear and you will get credit.

NOTE: If this doesn't work, try reversing the process. Kill Firestrike first, then Crushclaw.

NOTE: (for Destruction) To get to Crushclaw, jump down to Order side at Dragonwake 15,45. Then go to Dragonwake 2, 60 to take the secret stage.

NOTE: Firestrike has a 20 minute respawn timer.

Order's Approach to FirestrikeEdit

Enter the RVR area in Caledor from the east through Dragonwake. Just before reaching the first keep there will be a dip in the mountains to the north. Work your way through the moutains to the main road. Follow the road to the sea. Be sure to avoid the Destruction PVE camp as it has level 55 champions that will instantly kill you.

Firestrike will be on the beach near the Order docks. You may have to enter the RVR area to attack him. Be wary of Destruction PVP if you get flagged for RVR...


  • Item: The Obdurate Seal
  • XP: 1800

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