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Stephan Busso

Stephan Busso

Rank 2 Librarian
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Male
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grimmenhagen Village
Coordinates 24700, 56000

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"If you happen to come across any ancient ruins or forgotten tomes, be sure to make note of them and seek out the Librarians in Altdorf. They'll make sure to record your findings, and often give you something for your troubles as well."

- Stephan Busso, Quest Completion Text: Of Honor and Glory II

Stephan Busso has arrived in Grimmenhagen Village alongside the forces of the Order of the Griffon. Though his path may not be that of a warrior, his historical knowledge and skills as a scribe should not be valued any less by the defenders of the Empire.

Quests Edit

"We would do well to keep records such as this safe. The forces of Chaos desire to destroy all that we are."

- Stephan Busso, Quest Completion Text: Of Honor and Glory II

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