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Steam Tank ss

Screenshot showing a Steam Tank in Praag.

Steam Tanks are monstrous, smoke-belching war machines of the Empire that rumble towards the enemy and fire deadly cannonballs from their steam-powered guns. They were first designed by the famed inventor Leonardo of Miragliano, who adapted Dwarven steam technology to power the pistons and gears that drive the wheels of the Steam Tank. Twelve Steam Tanks were originally built, though only eight now remain, each carefully maintained by the School of Engineers. In times of war, the School may sanction the use of these rare and valuable machines should the threat be dire enough. In the Age of Reckoning, the Order of the Griffon forces in Praag have been reinforced with a squadron of Steam Tanks, it seems by the time of the Age of Reckoning, more Steam Tanks have been built.

The advance of these iron behemoths is terrifying to behold, as arrows ricochet from armoured hulls and enemy warriors are crushed beneath their immense bulk. Most Steam Tanks are armed with a steam-powered cannon, which is smaller than the Great Cannons of the Imperial Gunnery School, though the manoeuvrability of the Steam Tank compensates for this. A turret-mounted steam gun is also standard, and this innovative weapon douses enemies close to the tank in a blast of scalding steam.

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