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A Standard or banner is a flag or symbol carried into battle by a Guild for the purpose of identifying a them on a battle field. Standards have many uses, conveying buffs and advantages on the side who possesses them. Standards display heraldry, which may be customised and reserved by the guild upon reaching the guild rank 10.


In the Warhammer Fantasy Battle table top game, most units have the option to carry a standard into battle. This gives them a +1 to the result of any Hand-to-Hand combat they are in, as well as allowing them to carry a Magic Standard if they have the option. One character in the army can be made the Battle Standard, which can carry a Magic Standard, allows any unit within 12" to re-roll a failed Break Check, and give an additional +1 to the combat result of any unit he is with.

In WAR, at a certain rank a guild earns the right to carry its standard onto the battlefield. Standards are not only powerful symbols of guild accomplishments; they also grant unique tactics & abilities to the guild who carries it. A guild may have up to 3 different standards available to them at the one time.

By merely staying near their standard guild members are granted a significant morale boost, allowing them to use their more powerful morale abilities sooner.

The player who carries the standard is known as the standard bearer. While carrying the standard this player cannot use their personal abilities or tactics. However they do gain access to several different abilities & tactics; from planting the standard so that they may join the fight, to "Rally" a speed boost so the guild may get into the thick of things more rapidly, to "Flourish" a knock-back move used to halt or hinder an enemy advance.

Guild TacticsEdit

Earned through guild advancement, guild tactics are powerful abilities that can be loaded into one of three slots on each standard (much like personal tactics). A tactic slotted onto the standard acts as an Area of Effect buff on all friendly players in range of the banner. Effects range from increasing attack and defense bonuses to increasing the amount of renown and experience earned.


Much like the Armor system, standards can be outfitted with several different trophies, to show past victories or achievements. It is believed that like the player based trophies, they add no extra stats & progressively more difficult to achieve trophies will look progressively more impressive.

Capturing a StandardEdit

It is possible to capture an enemy standard in RvR combat by either:

  • Defeating the standard bearer.
  • Capturing a planted standard.

By capturing an eye enemy standard you strip them of all the abilities, tactics & morale boosts they would enjoy by having their standard nearby. The capturer also receives an amount of renown. At rank 40, this is 420 renown. After capturing a standard the capturer is debuffed and cannot gain renown for a small period of time.

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