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Squig Slayer is the Empire Chapter 13 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill 60 "Squigs", which actually includes both Swamptoof Squigmaws and Swamptoof Red-Tails (level 27-29 Squigs). These mobs are found well south of the collector's camp.
    • The Squigs can be found along the sides of the roads just north of the large goblin fort (ivo loc 58k,38k), as well as the swamp area immediately in front of the fort (loc 59k, 44k).
    • A Goblin Champion and two other wolfriders roam up and down the roads. It is best to stay well off the road if you are not signifcantly higher level.
    • This Kill Quest matches well with the Public Quest: Bitterschaum Swamp.
  • Reward: Nothing beyond the per-kill reward of 257xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Borax Brightaxe who is located inside a tent at the Empire Chapter 13 camp at Hergig Landing in Talabecland and can be found at the coordinates 62k, 11k.

Tradeskill Notes Edit

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