Spiteful Carrion-Eaters

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Spiteful Carrion-Eaters

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Prince Eldrion
End Prince Eldrion
Next Shadows of War


Spiteful Carrion-Eaters map
(click to enlarge)

Prince Udaen Moonfire|Prince Mournfire was like a brother to me. When word of the Black Ark's arrival reached Lothern, I implored the Phoenix King to give me command of the relief effort. Even as epoquent as I am in my speech, I found myself at a loss for words when I beheld the sight of his Sun Drake.

My darkest fears have been realized this day. I shall mourn my brother's passing for centuries to come, but first, the followers of Malekith will suffer my resolve.

Kill the Harpies desecrating the site of Prince Udaen Moonfire's final battle.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

I would see every last one of those twisted carrion-eaters slain. Kill the Harpies!

Completion Text Edit

It lifts my spirits to see you honor the grounds where my brother spent his final , valiant moments. When this day is won, we will erect a monument there in memory of his noble deeds.

Rewards Edit

Class Equipment Edit

Equipment Rewards by Career
Ironbreaker Icon Rune Priest Icon
Engineer Icon Slayer Icon
Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon
Witch Hunter Icon Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon
Swordmaster Icon SM Armor Belt 001 Bloodied Girdment Archmage Icon BloodiedSilkenwrapI Bloodied Silkenwrap
Shadow Warrior Icon SW Armor Belt 001 Bloodied Waistgird White Lion Icon

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