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Warhammer Online has, like many games, a full orchestral soundtrack.

The soundtrack contains custom pieces of music created and complimenting each of the six playable armies. Brad Derrick, the lead sound artist on the soundtrack, has created the soundtrack based on his experience with many previous games (including Dark Age of Camelot), and intends for each piece of music to fully encapsule the lifestyle of each race. His intention was to create individual pieces that would be instantly identifiable to the point that "If you heard Dwarf music, you would know it was Dwarf music."

The soundtrack is performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Voiceovers Edit

In addition to the live soundtrack, WAR contains vocal performances by 13 professional voice actors (reportedly, over 50 actors auditioned). This is credited to Mythic Entertainment being acquired by EA Games, and EA's ability to fully fund a large pool of voice talent.


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