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Souls and Shadows I

Destruction Travel Quest
Zone Varies
Start Allied Warcamp Quartermaster
End Athis Soulscream
Next Souls and Shadows II


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"What are you doing here? The call has gone out: We must take Nehekhara for the glory of the Ruinous powers!"

"You have no idea what I am speaking of, do you?"

"I suggest you travel to Inevitable City, and speak to Athis Soulscream. He can explain what you need to know about Nehekhara--and perhaps explain to you why it is so important that we reach the desert before our opponents do."

- Allied Warcamp Quartermaster

Souls and Shadows is an Destruction Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in any allied Warcamp. It plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks.

Particulars Edit

Speak to Flight Master to travel to the Inevitable City. Once there, speak with Athis Soulscream at the Wyvern's Roost.

Completion Text Edit

"Nehekhara lies far to the south - a land of deserts and ancient monuments. Some say civilization began there. Well, it has ended there, as well. There is nothing left of the once-mighty Nehekharans but ruins and tombs."

"It is the tombs that we are interested in, for they are full to bursting with mighty treasures. But they are also guarded, I hear. by vast hosts of undead warriors - abomination sworn to protect the tombs until the end of time."

"They are the least of your worries. In the deserts and the ruins you will no doubt encounter the animated shells of ancient priests and horrid constricts, brimming with long-forgotten magic. And the tombs themselves are ruled by ancient, undying kings, whose power might rival that of Tchar'zanek himself."

-Athis Soulscream

Quest Progression Edit

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