Something's Brewing III

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Something's Brewing

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Brewery
Start Olfgrom Redhammer
End Olfgrom Redhammer

Quest Chain

Olfgrom Redhammer

Ranger Grindleson

Olfgrom Redhammer


Something's Brewing III map
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I've carried the name Redhammer knowin' that one day I'd have a chance to brew a batch in me ancestors' own pub. Eh, I'm dead chuffed! You'll have a right saga to tell your children about your part this day, eh?

I enjoy chewin' the fat as much as a good barrel of stout, but there's brew to do and I'm the one to be makin' it. It's time to get them that's fightin' something to keep their backs straight and their beards curled. The only brew that'll do that is me own Roaring Redhammer Ale, and you're just the one t' help me makin' it!

- Olfgrom Redhammer

Summary Edit

Gather ingredients for Olfgrim. He needs Barley, Hops, Spring Water, and an empty Black Powder Keg. These can be found in and just outside of the pub. Return to Olfgrim when you have all the ingredients.

Objectives Edit

  • Barrel of Spring Water 0/1
  • Bundle of Barley 0/1
  • Crate of Hops 0/1
  • Empty Powder Keg 0/1

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objective 'Barrel of Spring Water' can be found along the southwestern wall of Redhammer's Pub, at approximate coordinates of 41000, 28600.
  • Quest objective 'Bundle of Barley' and 'Crate of Hops' can be found behind Redhammer's Pub, at approximate coordinates of 40800, 27600 and 41900, 27600, respectively.
  • Quest objective 'Empty Powder Keg' can be found around a large rock near the northeast face of Redhammer's Pub, at approximate coordinates of 43500, 27900.

In Progress Edit

If you've got the bits, we can start the brew.

- Olfgrom Redhammer

On Completion Edit

Ah, these will do nicely for the next batch.

- Olfgrom Redhammer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 993

External Links Edit

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