Something's Brewing II

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Something's Brewing

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Station
Start Ranger Grindleson
End Olfgrom Redhammer

Quest Chain

Olfgrom Redhammer

Ranger Grindleson

  • Something's Brewing II

Olfgrom Redhammer


Something's Brewing II map
(click to enlarge)

Now what business could you have with me? Ahh, Olfgrom is itchin' for another dram of Bugman's, is he? Well, he's out of luck. In fact, we both are.

This wreck is where I've been getting my Bugman's XXXXXX, but it seems them slack-jawed greenskins drunk the last bit. I stashed a few barrels up in Norri's Tunnel, but the cave's been overrun by Trolls. If you think you're Dwarf enough, I s'pose you could try to fetch some brew from up there.

- Ranger Grindleson

Summary Edit

Ranger Grindleson spoke of some Bugman's XXXXXX stashed in a cave named Norri's Tunnel.

Recover a keg of beer from the cave, and return it to Olfgrom Redhammer at Redhammer's Pub.

Objectives Edit

  • Bugman's XXXXXX 0/1

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objective 'Bugman's XXXXXX' can be found by interacting with barrels located in Nori's Tunnel, at approximae coordinates of 43300, 14500.

In Progress Edit

You can tell him, but a bag of spendin' gold says he won't believe ye.

- Ranger Grindleson

On Completion Edit

You found it! The golden delicious lager of our ancestors, to be sure! I don't know how you pulled it off, and I don't care to, either. Grindleson will be as angry as an engineer without a spanner when he finds out!

Now let's see how good this Bugman's XXXXXX really is.

That hits the spot! Worth all the gold I paid for it! What? I didn't pay you for it? Well, I would give you a chunk of my spending gold, but I'm all tapped out. Now if you'll take beer as payment, we might be able to make a deal.

- Olfgrom Redhammer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1463

External Links Edit

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