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Once again its Sebtheripper here, giving some advice on group tactics for all class types.Once again i ask that if any other high level players see this,will they please contribute to help myself and others.

Basic strategiesEdit

The following are various strategies/tips for facing various types of classes when in a group. In diagrams, this is the key to the letters: H= Healers T=Tank(s) M=Melee R=Ranged and E=enemy


If you happen to come across a lone healer, consider yourself lucky.While they can be troublesome in one-on-one fights or if they are in a team if they are flying solo they can be quite easy.This tactic works whether they are in a team or solo. Have a tank or durable melee class approach them from the front, melee DPS or other tanks attack in equal numbers at the flank, and ranged strike from either behind or near to the healers.Healers should stay 20 feet behind the tank to maximise healing and coordinate spells.Here is a simple diagram to show you.

                     M,T--> E <--M,T

This ensures that the healer is essentially boxed in by all melee, that all the melee fighters and in clear view to be healed and that everyone is in a position to work efficiently.This is extremely useful for ALL healers as it forces them to either try to self-heal (and die after running out of mana) or try to fight 3-6 people at the same time.

Melee DPSEdit

Due to them being faster than tanks and ranged, snares and slowing effects are very useful in this fight. Use a more constricted version of the healer strategy to prevent them from circling around you or running away. Put the ranged at diagonal lines to the enemy to prevent them from being blocked by the healers or tank.

                                    R         R


Treat them like bosses if they are solo and have melee use abilities on their rear, while your tank distracts him in front while the ranged attack his sides.

                   R         E         R

If they are in a group and/or being healed split your group in half like so.

                            MM                      E
                             E              R              R

Doing this allows your group to seperate the healer from the tank, allowing your ranged to focus on the healer while you wear down the tank. Hopefully the tank and healer will try to get close to each other, allowing you to essentially AOE them when together, pick of the healer and finish off the tank.

Specific pairings (2 man groups)Edit

These are if you are levelling with a friend (as I am) and wish to become a 2 man team during PVE and PVP.

Tank and HealerEdit

The classic 2 man group. Send the tank towards the mob/player while the healer heals his/her friend.Not much strategy apart from keeping the mob away from the healer and making sure the tank has sufficient healing at all times.

Tank and rangedEdit

A bit harder due to neither being able to heal without potions, but this can be an effective team. The tank approaches the enemy while the ranged sneaks behind them and takes potshots at the enemy's back. This will result in the mob either trying to beat the tank, reach the ranged or run away. If the ranged is targeted, use knockback to send the enemy flying TOWARDS the tank,not away.

Tank and meleeEdit

A very powerful team if used well. The tank should approach from the front, taunting or throwing axes to gain attention while the MDPS attacks from the side or rear and runs around the enemy, hacking and slashing while the tank deals constant damage. If the MDPS is a Witch Elf/Witch Hunter or Choppa/Slayer have them throw an axe to build rage or use a weak strike while the enemy is approaching the tank to build up Bloodlust/accusations.

Tank and TankEdit

Not very common, but can be effective. Due t0 tanks being able to soak up large amounts of damage and deal constant damage, two tanks can be quite a handful if they co-ordinate their abilities. Essentially sandwich the enenmy between the two tanks and slash away.

Melee DPS and healerEdit

Extremely deadly if the melee DPS is used well. Most melee classes can deal HUGE amounts of damage but cannot absorb that much. If the healer does his/her job, then you can take down mobs and players quite well.

Melee DPS and Ranged DPSEdit

Essentialy what happens all the time. RDPS shoots, MDPS slashes. To pull have the ranged shoot the enemy and let the enemy approach. Then have the MDPS throw an axe/strike to build rage or Accusations/Bloodlust if they want to and then have them jump the enemy and start slashing.

2 Melee DPSEdit

Essentially the Grim Reaper...Have the melee DPS strike at the sides and start circling to confuse the opponent and allow you to use abilities for backstabbing or slashing.This is extremely useful for the faster classes as they can quickly encircle an enemy and slice them down.

Ranged and HealerEdit

Can be a good group. Ranged uses powerful attacks and knockback/knockdown/snares to keep the enemy at bay while both healer and ranged nuke the mob to death. If the ranged is harmed, the healer can heal. If the healer is targetted, the ranged can use knockback to give the healer some breathing space.

Ranged and RangedEdit

Effective at a distance. Essentially just shoot the hell out of the enemy and rotate using snares and knockbacks to allow each character to let theirs cooldown. If you have aranged snare or disarm, use it. Generally get the tougher one to act as a semi tank if enemies get too close (ie Shadow warrior or Squig herder)

Healer and HealerEdit

Not that great of a team, but due to both being able to heal, can be a handful in a fight. (especially with Warrior Priests and DOK's as they can not only tank while self healing, but if they have a healer on them they are almost invincible)

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