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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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The Slayer is the Melee DPS career for the Dwarf Oathbearers army. Bearing the shame of a horrible wrongdoing, Slayers shave their heads into a dyed mohawk and make a solemn oath never to rest until they have found an honourable death in combat against a mighty foe. In-game, Slayers are beserk warriors who build rage as they fight, becoming ever more dangerous, they are paired with the Greenskin Choppa.

For tome unlocks, see the bestiary.

Career Overview Edit

Dwarfs are above all very proud individuals and do not cope easily with failure or personal loss. Should a Dwarf suffer some terrible personal tragedy, he will be inconsolable. The loss of his family, his hoard, or failure to uphold a promise can seriously unhinge the mind of any Dwarf. Young Dwarfs forsaken in love often never recover from the blow to their pride. Whatever the cause, Dwarfs who have suffered what they perceive to be a serious loss of honor will often forsake the fellowship of their family and friends for a life of self-imposed exile.

Leaving their home stronghold as far behind as possible, they wander in the wilderness brooding on the misery of existence. Having broken with everything he holds dear, the Dwarf deliberately seeks death by hunting out and fighting large monsters and in death redeeming his honor in the eyes of the ancestor gods. These Dwarfs are called Slayers. They are stern and laconic individuals, not much given to talking about themselves, and they tend to be horribly scarred as a result of their encounters with Trolls, Giants, Dragons and other monsters.

To show their shame slayers shave their head bare except for a strip that runs down the middle of their head, then dye that strip and beard bright orange, while useing pig grease to stiffen it into a crest. In this way they honor Grimnir the patron god of slayers and the very first slayer. Their way of life invariably means that many achieve their ambition and are slain at the hands of whatever ferocious beast they have confronted. Others, the least successful ones in a sense, tend to survive either because they are the toughest, the fastest or most determined. This process of natural selection weeds out all those who do not have exceptional abilities, so you can be fairly sure that any Slayer you meet is exceptionally tough, violent, and psychopathically dangerous.

Slayers are a fascinating sub-cult of Dwarf society, and many famous Slayers have achieved deeds of exceptional valor. Younger Slayers often band together, sometimes under the tutelage of an older master, so that they can learn the arts of monster slaying. In times of war whole regiments - or bands - of Slayers appear out of the wilderness and join Dwarven Armies, which is a help more than welcome to most Dwarf Lords. Slayers spend as much time as possible improving their warrior skills. Although they seek death, their ancestors will not forgive a slayers shame if he or she does not fight as hard as possible. This duality in purpose means that every victory a slayer achieves is a failure of his or her trues purpose which is to die an honorable death and expunge the shame from his or her soul, yet they are incapable of fighting to deliberately lose.

Many Slayers operate from or live in Karak Kadrin the "Slayer Keep" as it holds the greatest shrine to the slayer god Grimnir and is ruled over by the slayer king Ungrim Ironfist. Many new slayers go to Karak Kadrin to take the slayer oath before the shrine of Grimnir and shorn their head in honor of him.


Every moment of a Slayer's life is filled with the rage of their dishonor and loss. As they battle an enemy, they become more enraged with every passing moment, furious and saddened that this foe is not strong enough to bring them death's atonement. This rage fills them with deadly fury, making them more and more dangerous as it builds up. Eventually, their rage will begin to push their body past its limits, putting their own health and safety into dire straits. This battle rage results in the slayer increasing in strength and power far beyond a normal dwarfs aiding them in performing feats of battle that make them so famous across the dwarf holds.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

For Slayer armor sets see: Slayer/Armor Sets
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For weapons, a Slayer can either dual-wield one-handed axes and hammers, or use a Great Weapon. Dual-wielding allows the Slayer to do steadier damage per second as well as providing access to more multi-target abilities, and gives him the opportunity to parry more incoming attacks. Wielding a Great Weapon provides more burst damage as well as giving the Slayer less chance to be blocked by shields, but is more focused on single target damage. Slayers are limited to using only axes or hammers as either one-handed weapons or Great Weapons.


Path of The TrollslayerEdit

The Path of Trollslayer focuses on fully embracing the rage of the dishonored Slayer. This rage turns them into an offensive powerhouse at the expense of straining their own bodies beyond all reasonable limits. While this leaves the Slayer quickly overextended and vulnerable with their defensive capabilities highly diminished, a specialist in this Mastery will quickly overwhelm any foe who stands before them. Slayers of this path tend to focus on a single distracted enemy.

Path of The GiantslayerEdit

The Path of Giantslayer drives the Slayer to punish their enemies with constant, powerful hits as the shamed Dwarf continuously channels their rage into exhausting attacks. This consistent burning-away of their rage results in them lacking some of the sheer brutal power that their anger would otherwise grant them, but it also prevents them from becoming overextended and vulnerable. A master of this path prefers to finish off their enemies with decisive and well-placed attacks, and is more capable of shrugging off a foe's feeble strikes.

Path of The SkavenslayerEdit

The Path of Skavenslayer focuses on using cunning to fight several opponents at once. A distinctive balance between the Slayer's two extremes of combat styles, a master Skavenslayer is adept at striking a balance between embracing their rage and anger, yet still having the presence of mind to unleash an exhaustive attack before they become too vulnerable. This more tactical-based training makes a specialist in this path adept at following the complex flow of battle, and allows them to easily deal with multiple enemies.


Main Article: Slayer Abilities

Every Slayer may gain 15 career Tactics, 24 Actions, and 9 Morale abilities. Each Mastery Path contains another 3 Actions, 3 Tactics, and 1 Morale Ability.

Influence RewardsEdit

Main Article: Slayer Influence Rewards


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