Slay the Invaders!

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Slay the Invaders!

Tier 1 Order Kill Player Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Saritha Lightweaver
End Saritha Lightweaver


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The Field of Bone resonates with the sound of slaughter, as Dark Elves and their savage allies advance over the corpses of the Shining Guard.

The kin-traitors have assaulted the Blighted Isle before, but never with such ferocity. They believe us to be weak and scattered, and that belief will aid us in seeing that they pay for the spilling of High Elf blood.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Enemy Players 0/10

In-Progress Text Edit

How can you stand idly by and watch as High Elves are slaughtered?

Completion Text Edit

Rest, my friend, for I can see you are greatly wearied.

The battle rages on, but you have done well. The Dark Elf forces will be feeling the loss of their fallen, just as we do, and it is a lesson we must continue to impart upon them. Our only hope lies in chipping away at their numbers before we find ourselves overwhelmed.

Rewards Edit

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