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The Slann are a race created by the Old Ones as their servants and companions, and as the rulers of the Lizardmen. It is unknown if the Slann first travelled across the stars to the Warhammer World with the Old Ones, or if the Old Ones created them once they reached their destination. Known as "Mage-Priests"; they are supremely gifted with an innate ability to control the Winds of Magic that surpasses even that of the Elves: even the weakest of the Slann are some of the most powerful magic users in the world.


Large frog-like creatures, Slann seem to resemble the amphibians of our world with a multitude of coloured skin tones and markings. Though it is rare their bloated bodies ever leave the magical floating palanquins they sit on, a Slann would stand slightly shorter than a Human. Like the Lizardmen, and many of the creatures in Lustria itself, Slann are cold-blooded creatures, whose unflinching fortitude comes at the price of the swift reaction times and swift wit of the warm-bloods. Slann have no gender, and were spawned from primordial pools. However unlike the other Lizardmen races, no Slann have been spawned since the Old Ones left the world, and so they are a dying race, unable to replenish their numbers.

The Slann serve to interpret the will of the Old Ones, and to direct the enactment of the Great Plan. The other forms of Lizardmen are unflinchingly loyal to the Slann, and owe them incredible respect and deference in all things. The Saurus Temple Guard are particularly devoted to their protection. The Slann are some of the few truly immortal creatures in the world, as no Slann has ever died of old age, and they see time differently compared to short-lived mortal creatures such as Elves (who usually live until around four thousand years of age). Often Slann will sleep for centuries or millennia at a time, going without sustenance in a meditative state to divine the will of their creators, and whole generations of Skink attendants may go without ever hearing a Slann speak.

The five generations of SlannEdit

There were five original spawnings of Slann, all created before the first Chaos incursion, and none have been created since the Old Ones disappeared. The older a Slann is the more knowledge he aquires and the greater his power becomes. The first generation of Slann were ancient beings of incredible power, who knew and communicated with the Old Ones personally (it is possible they were brought here by the Old Ones from across the stars, and so are not native to this world).  All of them were killed in the first incursion of Chaos, notably Lord Kroak, whose body was torn apart by several Greater Daemons in the defence of the temple-city of Itza, before the culmination of his final spell banished all of the daemons in Lustria back to the Realm of Chaos. The bodies of the first Slann were mummified like the undead in Nehakkarra and can be carried into battle.  The undead lizard men are sometimes capable of casting spells and communicating with the living.  

Originally spawned to alter the orbit of the planet and arrange its continents to the liking of the Old Ones, the second generation were slightly reduced in power. Though still among the most powerful creatures in existence, they cannot match the power of the first generation. Of these only five remain, notably Lord Mazdamundi. Around twenty of the third generation survive today. They are younger than their forebears, though still of prodigious potency, and they founded the temples and lesser places of power, including the Geomantic Web.

The fourth generation of Slann, again diminished in power from the previous generation, were spawned to aid in the creation of the "World Pond" or Great Ocean, and to maintain the Warp-Gates to the Realm of Chaos at the poles, which the Old Ones used to transport them between worlds. The fifth and final generation were spawned mere centuries before the collapse of the Warp-Gates, as the Old Ones had forseen that a tragedy was to come. These are the most numerous of Slann and the most likely to lead Lizardmen armies to war in times of crisis, unleashing their terrible energies upon the lesser wizards of the younger races.

Relic PriestsEdit

When a Slann does die, whether through accident or in battle, its body is often mummified, and its potent spirit refuses to depart, aided by numerous enchantments to stay by its body. These Relic-Priests are not truly Undead in the traditional sense, rather it is the indominatible will of the Slann which keeps its spirit in place, to serve the Old Ones even after death. In times of war, the Lizardmen will sometimes carry the body of a Relic-Priest on his palanquin into battle, and though his potency is diminished by the barrier between that world and this, his spells will aid his allies in the crushing of their enemy. The first and most notable of these is Lord Kroak, who despite his demise, is still one of the most powerful magic users in the world.

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