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Skavenblight is the capital of the Skaven, and the center of their Under-Empire. It lies deep in the heart of the Blighted Marshes, which are east of Estalia and west of Tilea.


According to a story about the creation of the Skaven, the city was founded around -1650 IC. It was called Kavzar and inhabited by men on the surface and dwarfs below ground. The men and dwarfs wanted to build a great temple for their gods but, as the temple rose higher and higher, construction took longer. A stranger came to the city and completed the temple in a day, placing a great bell at the top. When he asked for payment the people refused, stating that he never asked for payment. Enraged, the stranger made a prophecy, the bell atop the Temple will ring 13 times, and disaster will plague Kavzar. Taking this as a bluff the people chased him away. In the following days the bell rang 13 times every day, warpstone rained down upon the city and local rats grew large in size and numbers. When the human population descended to demand aid from the dwarfs they found that the dwarfs sealed the entrance to their tunnels. Surrounded by hundreds of large rats, the humans were overcome and the Dwarfs starved to death. The rats evolved into the skaven and the city was renamed Skavenblight.

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