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Skargor is a Black Orc Rally Master NPC in the Greenskin Chapter 14 subzone of Black Fire Pass, Da Big Burn. He is a Noteworthy Persons unlock for Destruction players.

Character StoryEdit

Rumors have surfaced that one of Warlord Grumlok’s strongest and most effective enforcers, a titan of a Black Orc named Skargor, is questioning the leadership of the Bloody Sun Boyz. Using strength and intimidation, Skargor has been pressing the Greenskins in Black Crag into his service, claming that he intends to put the tribe ‘back on track’. If these whisperings prove true, Skargor’s plot could unravel the great Waaagh! before it has begun, leaving the Armies of Destruction with little hope of victory in the war.

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