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The six treasures of Chaos are magical artifacts possessed by the Everchosen of Chaos and are symbols of their power as grand leader of the forces of Chaos Undivided.

The Six Treasures Edit

  • The Mark of the Chosen One

The Mark represents a blessing from each of the four Chaos Gods, and is literally a brand on the forehead of its wearer. It is gained only by visiting a place known only as the "Altar of Ultimate Darkness" in Naggaroth.

  • The Armour of Morkar

This suit of immensely ancient black Chaos armour once belonged to the first Everchosen of Chaos, Morkar the Uniter, who was slain by Aenarion, the first Phoenix King of the Elves.

  • The Eye of Sheerian

This mysterious gemstone is supposedly named after a powerful Tzeentchian sorcerer. It is an immensely powerful protective artifact which shields Archaon from physical and magical attack.

  • Dorghar, the Daemon Steed

A demonic steed is referred to as W'Soraych in the 1998 Champions of Chaos supplement, but called Dorghar in the 2001 Hordes of Chaos book. In order to acquire this creature, one must travel deep to the Gates of Chaos and steal the monstrous animal from the stables of a daemon-lord known as Agrammon.

During the events of the Storm of Chaos event, it is stated that Valten killed Dorghar with the Hammer of Sigmar, forcing Archaon to fight him on foot.

  • The Slayer of Kings

This huge magical sword is inhabited by the spiritual essence of a greater daemon known as U'zuhl. The daemon was bound to the sword by the second great champion of Chaos, Vangel.

  • The Crown of Domination

A crown of symbolic power, it is granted in the Dark Coronation by the Demon Be'lakor - naming its wearer as Lord of the End Times. Located a hidden shrine in the World's Edge Mountains. Within the shrine, one must face challenges set by all four of the Chaos gods, including daemonic attacks and confusing illusions. The final challenge takes place in the chamber containing the Crown, where one must fight and kill a Bloodthirster of Khorne.

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