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Silveroak SS


Rank 39 Hero Mob
Type Plants
Subtype Forest Spirit
Species Tree Kin
Zone Norsca
Subzone None

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Silveroak is a rank 39 Tree Kin Hero. He is surrounded by six Silver Dryads that are all rank 40.

Known AbilitiesEdit

  • Attack: 900~1050damage
  • Armor Penetration: ~45%
  • Telluric Swat: ~2600 damage
  • Earth Shattering Howl: ~1050 damage (an AOE that causes a lava cracked shattering effect on the ground)
  • When you first engage him, all six Silver Dryads should come to life and attack. They are rank 40 Champions. Sometimes a bug will cause them to do nothing instead.

Confirmed DropsEdit

Drops 1-3 Rank 39 Rare BOE Chest pieces per kill.




External LinksEdit

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