Shining Bladesinger

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Shining Bladesinger

Shining Bladesinger

Rank 8 Mob
Type Humanoid
Subtype Elf
Species High Elf
Zone The Blighted Isle
Subzone Altar of Khaine
House of Lorendyth
Shard of Grief
Tower of Nightflame

PC Reactions

Order Friendly
Destruction Hostile

The Shining Bladesinger is one of five mobs that spawn at the battlefield objectives in the Tier 1 zones of the High Elf/Dark Elf racial pairing. All five mobs spawn 15 minutes after an objective is claimed by the forces of Order, and all five must be defeated before the objective can be reclaimed by the realm of Destruction.

Involved in Quests Edit

The Shining Bladesinger is not involved in any known quests.

Unique Loot Edit

The Shining Bladesinger is not known to drop any unique loot items when defeated.

External Links Edit

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