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Shenassa Blesswind is the High Elf Chapter 6 Kill Collector NPC in Sorrowstrand, The Blighted Isle.

Initial Speech Edit

It is unfathomable! The invasion of our ancient cousins continues unabated. Each day, our people become strangers in lands we have held for years. Each day, our dark foes claim more of Ulthuan for themselves.

Even now parts of this region fall under the influence of the Dark Elves. Even now we reel from the constant assaults of these Snarling Cold Ones. It feels as if we are about to be swallowed whole by their advance.

These ravenous creatures cannot be allowed to remain on our lands another instant. We must take the fight to them, for I fear it is only a matter of time before they swarm our camp in search of their next meal.

Kill Quest - The Ravenous Beasts Edit

Should these savage creatures breach our defenses, I cannot imagine the horrors we would face. The hunger of the Cold Ones for fresh meat is insatiable.

Rewards: 147 XP / kill

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