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General RvR Tactics Edit

1. You are not a Tank, so don't lead a charge.

2. Your health comes first, always keep an eye on it. It's impossible to heal when you are dead.

3. Try to keep focus on yourself. Enemy knows you got low hit points, and can heal well, so that WH can pop up at any second.

4. Always be ready to run. Self healing and kiting those enemies into the thick of your friendly melees saved my life countless times.

5. Never be afraid to try something new, always be creative and try to outsmart your enemy, since you can rarely outbrawn them.

Class specific TacticsEdit

Witch HunterEdit

First things first- do not fear them. Unless they got a drop on you, they are weaklings. If they got a drop on you, hopefully your focus is on yourself, pop a shield, detaunt, start self healing. If they fail to kill you in their first charged up attack with a drop, you will probably kill them. Get You Got Nothin' on them, self heal, DoT them. Actual RvR example of my shaman versus 2 WH. I carefully scouted the place from being behind a wall, and saw them before they saw me. That was my primary reason for success, but in this game they cannot be stealthed forever. Hit one with You Got Nothin' and started running. Run a little, just to pull one WH from the other, DoTs on the WH, Self heal, another YGN on the WH so his action points are in a toilet. The WHs are not tanks, one dropped quickly, started killing second WH who was on me, but since I kited them a little, they could not really drop full bead on me. Try not to let them be at your back, btw, they deal waaay more dmg there. Always try to face them. DoTs on, Self heal+shield+YGN, a second dead WH.

Warrior Priest Edit

Tough opponents because it becomes hit-hit, heal-heal match. I had most boring 10 min fight with one, then just asked for help in realm chat, and 2vs1 we killed him quick. So, try to kite one toward your allies, camp, etc. Outthink them!

Rune Priest Edit

Just like a Rune Priest, it is a hit-hit heal-heal boring going nowhere duel. I kited one close to a camp (for some reason, if you try to disengage, people wanna chase you). So because of a traffic 2 ppl saw us, chased and killed a little bugger.

Archmage Edit

Your Order counterpart. As a healer, you won't kill it, your dmg is more of a chipping at a rock, rather than a one shot superblaster. So, be creative, kite them toward your base, allies, etc.

Bright Wizard Edit

In lvl 15-20 killing one in 1vs1 is easy. Shield, HoT, start throwing DoTs on the Wizard. Remember, they cannot heal. As long as you watch your health and keep DoTting him, he is a toast. At lvl 15 my shaman smoked a lvl 21 BW. No big whoop.

Engineer Edit

At lvl 15-20 this is my tactic to defeat an engineer. By themselves, they pose small threat, the problem is their toys. So, if fighting 1vs1, just pull them away from their shooting turrets, and if you are out of the turret's range, engineer got no super hits to lay on you. Always remember- turret is the dangerous one, if you can throw You Got Nothin' on an engineer, so much the better.

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