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Shallya is the Goddess of Healing, Mercy and Childbirth. In the classical pantheon she is the daughter of Verena and Morr. She is normally portrayed as a young beautiful maiden whose eyes are perpetually welling with tears, but she can also take the form of a white dove. She is an exceptionally important goddess throughout the Old World. People pray to Shallya all the time: when they are suffering from an illness, when they are hoping to have children, or when they are looking for forgiveness for their sins. Of all the gods, she is the only one who most people agree really listens.

Shallya is the most beneficent of all the gods, and her temples provide places of comfort for the sick, the dying, and those without homes. Her clerics are almost always women, and they are trained in the arts of healing and midwifery. Many of the people of the Empire were born in a temple of Shallya; most of them return when they are ill or dying. In the end, it is to the temple of Shallya's father they go. Followers of Shallya lead a life according to strictures of pacifism and forgiveness, although they have a special enmity for Nurgle, the god of pestilence and sickness.

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