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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Shadow Warrior Icon
Shadow Warrior ss

Screenshot showing a female Shadow Warrior.

Shadow Warrior concept art

Shadow Warrior concept art.

Elf bows concept

A selection of Elf bows.

The Shadow Warrior is the ranged DPS career of the High Elf Shining Guard army. The Shadow Warrior heavily specializes in bow usage and makes use of different combat stances to be ready for any kind of foe. The Shadow Warriors are those Elves who lived with the Naggarothi(who would one day become the Dark Elves) but sided with the High Elves and Phoenix King during the Sundering civil war, instead of Malekith. The Shadow Warrior is paired with the Squig Herder, sharing many of its abilities and general fighting style, even though the Shadow Warrior lacks a pet.

Career OverviewEdit

“We have lost our families, our lands, and our innocence. Even our kings look upon us with suspicious eyes, for all they remember are the atrocities of Malekith and his ilk, not the nobility of those who remained. It is for these reasons we fight this Shadow War, for redemption can only come from tears and blood. Only when Malekith breathes his last, his heart pierced by Nagarythe steel, shall we ask Lileath for forgiveness. Until that day nothing will stand in the path of our vengeance...” - Filamar the Swift, Shadow Warrior of Nagarythe

At the time of civil war in Ulthuan, those that chose to follow Malekith became the Dark Elves, while those that chose to follow the Phoenix King became the High Elves. In the kingdom of Nagarythe, most citizens sided with the Witch King, apart from the small communities of hunters who inhabited the bleak hills to the east of the kingdom. The Shadow Warriors are descended from this minor clan, and they are the most fervent opponents of their dark kin. They have taken upon themselves to patrol the shattered coast left after the destruction caused by the Sundering, and they have become masters of ambush and guerilla warfare. They are famed for being the darkest, most sinister and brutal of all the High Elves.

Shadow Warriors are the scouts, hunters and archers of the Shining Guard. Their principle task is to rain down death from afar upon their enemies. They are masters of the bow, able to strike precisely from incredible range, even going so far as to be able to fire their renowned bows while moving. They are also highly skilled with blades, and they are able to charge forth to finish off the survivors of a ranged attack with a flurry of swift strikes.

Speciality Edit

In battle, Shadow Warriors use a number of stances, or strategic maneuvers, that are specifically suited to one aspect or strategy of combat. There are three stances to choose from: Scout - fairly straight-forward archer tactics of softening a target from range and either finishing them off with a few well-placed melee attacks or using various snaring abilities to regain distance before being overwhelmed; Skirmish - bow abilities that allow the Shadow Warrior to move and shoot, but at a limited range; and Assault - abilities focusing on melee combat, both offensively and defensively, giving the Shadow Warrior more chances to enter and then disengage from a fight.

The Shadow Warrior can switch stances at any time, but once in a new stance, he must wait a short while (5-10 seconds) before changing stances again.

While the Shadow Warrior deals less DPS (Damage per second) than melee classes like the Marauder, his versatility and range give him a distinct niche in both scenario and realm vs. realm combat (that is, in combat with few people and with many).


The Shadow Warrior's mastery options are closely tied to their strategic maneuver mechanic. Note, however, that abilities from a particular mastery path can sometimes be used in multiple stances.

Path of the ScoutEdit

Abilities focusing on the bow and attacking from range while stationary, best used in the Scout stance.

Career Abilities

  • Glass Arrow (5 points)
  • Festering Arrow (9 points)
  • Fell The Weak (13 points)

Path of AssaultEdit

Abilities focusing on melee combat, both offensively and defensively, best used in the Assault stance.

Career Abilities

  • Swift Strikes (5 points)
  • Sweeping Slash (9 points)
  • Exploit Weakness (13 points)

Path of SkirmishEdit

Abilities focusing on the bow and attacking from short range while staying mobile for a hit and run strategy, best used in the Skirmish stance.

Career Abilities

  • Shadow Sting (5 points)
  • Flanking Shot (9 points)
  • Barrage (13 points)


See Main Article: Shadow Warrior Abilities.

External LinksEdit

Shadow Warrior video from the October 2007 newsletter. career overview.

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