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Settra the Imperishable is the first King of the first Dynasty of the Tomb Kings of Khemri and the ancient land of Nehekhara. A powerful and ruthless King, but also a self-obsessed one, Settra was obsessed with finding a way to prolong his life. Eventually Settra died, and for 1500 years, other Kings reigned over Nehekhara until the great Necromancer Nagash cast a great ritual, and raised the dead Kings of Nehekhara from death. Settra now rules over his former land with an iron fist.


Of all the kings of Nehekhara, none could match the splendour, cruelty and arrogance of Settra, first King of Khemri. Under his inspired leadership and unparalleled ruthlessness, the many kings of Nehekhara were conquered and forced to pay tribute and acknowledge Khemri as the greatest city of the land. The tribes of the surrounding lands were conquered and the armies of Settra spread far and wide, sweeping all before them. His war fleets ravaged realms across the sea, bringing the terror of the High King to many distant lands. Settra was a vain and egotistical ruler, demanding tribute and adoration from all his subjects and, though he was a tyrannical King, Khemri entered an unprecedented golden age of prosperity under his rule.

Settra’s kingdom stretched across the land, but for all his conquests, he was unsatisfied, knowing that one day death would rob him of all he had accomplished. In his arrogance he vowed that the grave would not claim him and proclaimed that he would cheat death, setting his wisest and most powerful priests towards working on a means of preventing his passing.

The priests journeyed for many years throughout the world, searching for a means of keeping the great king from death, but to no avail. Great was Settra’s wrath and though the priests’ magic kept him alive far beyond his mortal span, (a magic which they would also apply to themselves, making them Liches, though their magic was drawn from Deific power) they could not prevent his death. As he lay dying, the priests promised the great king that it would one day be possible for him to return from beyond the grave and live forever in a golden paradise where he would reign eternally. When the king died, it was with a curse on his lips and his body was taken to the great Pyramid of Khemri where he was entombed beneath the earth to await the appointed time for him to awaken. But for the twisted ambition of the evil necromancer, Nagash, Settra’s plans might have come to fruition.

Nagash cast his Great Ritual, killing all that lived in Nehekhara and resurrecting the dead to forever follow him in undeath. However, Nagash was killed before he could finish this grandest of spells and the undead were left to live their own, twisted mockery of life. Settra too was reborn an animated mummy and quickly conquered the other undead. He became the ruler of the Land of the Dead.

Centuries later, Nagash returned and was reborn in his Black Pyramid in the necropolis of Khemri. He expected the undead to obey him, but the Tomb Kings cursed and hated Nagash for this travesty of life to which they were doomed. Settra, arrogant and proud, refused to kneel before Nagash and led his armies against the small horde Nagash did get at his side. Soon the other Tomb Kings of other cities joined him and despite Arkhan the Black's help, who had come to fight at Nagash's side, Nagash was expelled.

Settra expected the other Kings to stay at his side, obeying his command, but once Nagash was defeated, they left Settra to turn back to their own, independent kingdoms. Settra, outraged, launched his armies against these "traitors" and undead tirelessly fought undead, the slain simply returned to unlife by unholy powers. Seven days the war raged on until Settra retreated to Khemri. From here, he sent his fleets to every corner of the world, imprisoning people to be brought to Khemri, slaughtered and enlisted in Settra's gruesome army. His undead, and sometimes Settra himself, have been spotted in Bretonnia in 100 IC and 1175 IC. With the latter he was defeated at Savage Point by the Bretonnian fleet led by Henri Lamorte. 100 years later, Lamorte's grave is pillaged and Lamorte himself became Settra's Wight.

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