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Bestiary unlock for Skaven


Get the killing blow on the hero skaven Master Moulder Vitchek in Altdorf inside The Sewers of Altdorf. Enter by 25000 , 22250. Vitcheck is guarded by Two Rat-Ogres at the middle of the instance ( Skaven champions lvl 16-18 ). He is the non Keeper's Armor dropping hero of the middle sewer.


Kill Master Moulder Vitchek in Kadrin Valley around 62k,37k. He is in the upper area of the Tunnel of Baradum near the Burrow Champion for the To the Death unlock.

You must first kill the Burrow Champion and then stand on the bridge and kill a couple (2-3) of mobs.After waiting for 1-2 mins he will spawn where the dead end is and start walking across the bridge.PIC


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