Seeing Green

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Seeing Green

Tier 1 Destruction Travel Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Start Guk
End Brakka
Next Seeing Green (2)


Seeing Green
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You problably noticed dere ain't any shamans around. Wif all da scrappin' dat's been goin' on, dose Shamans build up lots of Waaagh! magic. Sometimes dey get to much, and dey pop like a fat squig wot's been squashed under yer boot.

Just da other day, one of da Shamans blew up and kilt da two Orcs wot was next to 'im. Oh, an' he kilt 'imself, too. Nogaz was so mad, he banished all da Shamans from camp.

Da most powerful Shaman is a git named Brakka. Da other Shamans won't come back unless Brakka tells 'em to. Fing is, we need dat Waaagh! magic dem Shamans has if we's gonna beat da stunties.

Maybe you can go talk Brakka into comin' back and bringin' da other Shamans? I'll work on Nogaz and see if 'e might change 'is mind.


Travel South to the Borderlands and speak to the Shaman named Brakka on the side of the road.


Speak to Brakka

Completion TextEdit

Dat Nogaz'as sumfink wrong wif'is noggin!

First, 'e takes da whole tribe off da marsh to Eight Peaks cause he finks Mork an' Gork is tellin' us to attack da stunty port. Den, when one of da Shamans explodes cause he's got to much Waaagh! magic, Nogaz throws da lot of us out!

He finks he can beat da stunties wifout Waaagh! magic? Hah! He'll never ba a Big Boss, dat's for sure.


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