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Securing Assets

Tier 2 Order RvR Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Thurarikson's Warcamp
Start Kaya Shieldbearer
End Kaya Shieldbearer

Quest Chain

Kaya Shieldbearer


Securing Assets map 001

Securing Assets map 002
(click to enlarge)

Enough with the scoutin'. We ain't gonna get any clearer a picture then we got now. It's time to meet these greenskins in combat.

We'll start off by takin' back one of the field objectives. That should bring us some attention, then we can start settlin' a grudge or two.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

Summary Edit

Capture one of the battlefield objectives in Barak Varr or the Marshes of Madness.

Afterwards, return to Kaya Shieldbearer.

Objectives Edit

  • Capture any Battlefield Objective Lake 0/1

In Progress Edit

We can't be standin' around chatting. There's a battle to fight out there.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

On Completion Edit

Good, good. We'll be movin' to a much bigger target next. Those bloody greenskins won't know what hit 'em. Rest up, you did well.

- Kaya Shieldbearer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1256
  • 8 Silver Coin 49 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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