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There are a number of secret plunger items located around the world. They are generally located on ledges or other such areas that you must fall onto to reach. There is usually no way out of these areas short of death or clicking the plunger.


Secret Plunger Ekrund

The Secret Plunger in Ekrund

Interactive object labeled 'secret plunger' hidden in cave near the bridge to Mordrin's Anvil and Ancestor's Watch. Cave can be accessed by jumping down to the level with the lvl 20ish Greenskins under the bridge, approximately 31k by 42k, where the quest for dropping explosive barrels on the greenies can be obtained.

Activating the plunger does not unlock an achievement, but teleports the player back to Ancestor's Watch and generates the following orange text in the chat window:

This plunger is not secret enough, try searching out more of these in distant lands.

There are another two secret plungers at either end of the deep valley's bottom, which give the same message.

Discovered a Secret Plunger in Greenskin/Dwarf LandsEdit

Plunger death peak

The Secret Plunger in Greenskin/Dwarf Lands

The 'secret plunger' for the greenskin/dwarf lands is located at 25600,21800 in the Death Peak sub-zone. It is approached by falling down a slope to the south of the nearby bridge-section and then following the drops to the north until you reach the tree it is next to.


  • Title: The Curious
  • XP: 66

Discovered a Secret Plunger in Chaos/Empire LandsEdit

Plunger praag

The Secret Plunger in Chaos/Empire Lands

Interactive object labeled 'secret plunger' located near 58000/28000 in West Praag at the bottom of a huge canyon near a ruined stone tower and tree.


  • Title: The Hobbyist
  • XP: 66

Discovered a Secret Plunger in Elven LandsEdit

Plunger dragonwake

The Secret Plunger in Elven Lands

The 'secret plunger' for the elf lands is located on a ledge at 44000,2400 in Dragonwake. It is approached by dropping down off the hill to the north of it.


  • Title: The Explorer
  • XP: 66

Find all Secret PlungersEdit

Simply complete all the other plunger unlocks to receive this one.


  • Title: The Extremist
  • XP: 66

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