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The Second Great Chaos Incursion refers to the battle of elves and dwarfs to confine Chaos in a distant time when Chaos was omnipresent. Thanks to the efforts of Grimnir, Caledor Dragontamer and Aenarion the Defender, the power of Chaos was greatly diminished and only remained strong in the polar regions.


Around -4500 IC, the Warhammer World was saturated with the energies of Chaos pouring from the Chaos Portal. The Winds of Magic were strong and the lands riddled with Chaos Mutants. Despite the initial efforts of the elf lord Aenarion during the First Great Chaos Incursion, the minions of the Chaos Gods returned in a second Chaos Incursion. Daemons invaded Ulthuan and stalked the Old World, terrifying mutated monsters roamed the lands. Humans were but primitive savages, playthings to the warping powers of Chaos. The dwarfs and elves, however, tried to fight back.

The DwarfsEdit

Though far from powerful enough to defeat Chaos, the Dwarfs fought to clear their mountains of the corrupted creatures. It was the time when the dwarven gods walked the earth. Grungni, God of mining, had taught the dwarfs how to seek shelter deep beneath the mountains and how to forge iron into weapons to combat the Chaos minions. He taught them the secrets of Magic Runes and armed Grimnir, god of war, with two axes and an armour inscribed with runes. Many Daemons fell under his axes and under those of the dwarven race.

It was during these wars that the dwarfs first met the elves and became friends. Grimnir himself and a band of dwarfs were chasing a group of Marauders when they encountered at the shores an elven fleet led by Caledor Dragontamer. Together they defeated a group of Beastmen attacking them. The die was cast and they forged an alliance. Grimnir told of the storm that had blown over the world during the first Chaos Incursion, coming from the north. Caledor spoke of Aenarion and his struggle against Chaos. With this information, they both departed and returned to their kin.

Grimnir, ignoring the advice of Grungni and Valaya, goddess of healing, decided to travel north himself and try to close the gates of which Caledor had spoken. He shaved his head and beard save for a large crest, in the way still done by Dwarven Slayers, gave one of his magic axes to his son, Morgrim, and set off to the Realm of Chaos. Morgrim followed him to the edge of the Chaos Wastes but was eventually persuaded to stay behind. He watched his father disappear into the shimmering haze of the poisoned land. Grimnir passed into myth. What happened to him is unknown, the dwarfs rarely speak of his fate, but one story tells that he fought Chaos Daemons at the mouth of the Gate while Caledor forged the Vortex in Ulthuan.

The ElvesEdit

On Ulthuan, the Golden Age came to an end as Chaos returned to the island. Astarielle the Everqueen was murdered by Chaos agents in Avelorn, driving the Phoenix King, Aenarion, mad with grief. He drew the Sword of Khaine and marched to battle the Chaos minions. None could stand against his wrath. Morathi, the Hag Queen, was saved from a Slaanesh warband and Aenarion fell to her charms. Together they had a child, Malekith. But the war against Chaos waged on and the elves suffered great losses.

Eventually, the great mage Caledor Dragontamer was sent out to search for clues. Sailing the oceans, he was brought off course after a sea battle with the Plague fleet of Nurgle and stranded on the Old World, where he met Grimnir and his dwarfs. Grimnir told him of the storm that had come from the north, heralding the coming of Chaos, and Caledor realised that a portal had opened in the northern polar between this world and the Realm of Chaos. With this information, he returned to Ulthuan and called together and assembly of sages. They devised a plan to use the ancient Menhir Stones (focal points of magical energy) around Ulthuan to drain off Chaos energy of the Aethyr which was spewing into the world from the collapsed Chaos Gates, thus cutting off the creatures of the Realm of Chaos such as daemons from the energies needed to manifest in the physical world. The mages gathered on the Isle of the Dead to cast their spell.

Meanwhile, Aenarion the Defender and his great Dragon Indraugnir, battled the four Greater Daemons. They had come to thwart Caledor, but thanks to Aenarion, never reached the mages to stop them from casting their spell. In a tremendous battle, Aenarion slew the four daemons, but also died himself.

Unfortunately for the fate of the world, the energies needed to drain Chaos out of the world were too large to be controlled by the assembly of mages and they were entrapped in the vortex they created. Though a large part of the Aethyr is still drained, Chaos was not banished from the world, but only diminished in magnitude and largely driven back to the polar regions.

The SlannEdit

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The Slann in Lustria lent their powers to the efforts of Caledor and his mages.

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