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The Sea of Dread is a medium sized Ocean, the equivalent of the Indian Ocean, south of the Dark Lands and east of the Southlands, west of the Kingdoms of Ind. The Dragon Isles are in the Sea of Dread, directly south of the Dark Lands. The Sea of Dread joins the Great Ocean at the southern tip of the Southlands; and the Far Sea at the Gates of Caliph.


  • The Straits of Nagash are a small inlet into the Southlands/Dark Lands in the west of the Sea of Dread.
  • The Sour Sea is an inland sea which is not land locked and feeds into the Straits of Nagash, which in turn feed into the Sea of Dread. The Sour Sea is toxic and heavily contaminated with warpstone, making the water toxic and the marine animals mutated and deadly.
  • The Bitter Sea is the western section of the Sea of Dread which the Straits of Nagash feed into.
  • The Lizard Sea is the section of the Sea of Dread directly to the east of the Dragon Isles.
  • The Gulf of Fear is a small gulf on the tropical north-east coast of The Southlands.

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