Sea Guard Memorial

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Sea Guard Memorial

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Memorial
End Memorial


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A small plaque lies partially obscured beneath the untended vegetation. With a few moments of careful trimming, the writing upon the plaque becomes legible. It reads:

To commemorate the countless brave Elf warriors of the Lothern Sea Guard; Remember the brave guardians who have watched over our shores for years as numerous as the waves; Look upon Ulthuan with reverence and recall the blood poured upon this Island's shores to keep her free.

Particulars Edit

Sea Guard Memorial, Memorial

Memorial of the Lothern Sea Guard

  • Pay your respects to the Memorial of the Lothern Sea Guard.

Objectives Edit

  • Pay your respects 0/1

Completion Text Edit

Rising from the hidden Memorial, you feel as though you are being observed. Rather than preying upon your fears, a feeling on benevolence envelopes you, leaving behind an aura of peace.

Rewards Edit

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