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The Scurvy Dogs Live Event was the first Weekend Warfront added to the game in Game Update 1.3.4 and focused on The Ironclad scenario.

The seas run with blood! Dwarf ironclads, streaming out of Barak Varr, carry legions of blood-mad Slayers to raid and plunder the enemy's ships and ports. Meanwhile, Orc sea-hulks, loaded with Choppa freebooters, have ambushed the Dwarfs in the Black Gulf, and the sea if choked with the carcasses of the dead!

Scurvy DogsEdit

Board The Ironclad and seize the vital Central Gangway! Crush your enemies over and over again and throw their broken bodies into the cold, dark sea! Swear your foulest pirate oaths at member of each and every career! Avast!


  • Win an Ironclad scenario with 500 points (1)
  • Complete the Ironclad scenario 25 times (25)
  • Capture and hold the Central Gangway throughout the rest of a scenario (1)
  • Slay 125 enemy players in the Ironclad scenario (125)
  • /swear to a player of every career while in the Ironclad scenario (25)
  • Complete all Scurvy Dogs tasks (5)

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