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A Witch Hunter overlooking the Maw of Madness scenario.

Scenarios are WAR's instanced player vs player challenges, pitting groups from the two realms against each other in fast-paced action type struggles. Many instances of the same scenario (with different players in them) can run at the same time. Scenarios reward experience and renown.

The list of scenarios is determined by your the characters rank Tier and you only play with players in the same Tier.


At launch, there was 30 scenarios in the game, 10 for each racial pairing, spread across all four tiers. For scenarios in tier 4, only those in the currently contested campaign zone were active.


Scenario instances are entered by either queuing via the scenario window in your user interface, or by interacting with a scenario entrance in a relevant zone. You may enter as a party (up to 6 players) or solo. Once enough players from each realm have queued for a scenario and a scenario instance is available, players are transported from their existing location to the scenario start area. On completion of the scenario all players are transported back to their exact original positions.

  • All Scenarios are timed and come to an end after 15 or 20 minutes.
  • All Scenarios are score-based up to 500 points. Doing various things within the Scenarios, such as killing players or possessing an artifact, will give your Realm points.
  • You win if you have the most points at the end of Scenario OR if your team gets to 500 points first.
  • All Scenarios have a universal resurrection timer. In other words, when you die, you may be able to resurrect within a few seconds or you may have to wait a bit (up to 30 seconds). However, if a buddy resurrects you, you’re back in action immediately.
  • All Scenarios have a population cap. For the most part, this ranges from 12-on-12 to 24-on- 24.
  • All Scenarios are bracketed to pit you against players of relatively the same level. If you are lower level, you will get a buff to improve your stats.
  • Within the Scenarios, Realms are represented by colors. Red is Destruction. Blue is Order. White is Neutral.

Each scenario will be one of several possible game types:


The following scenarios are available at all times:

Tier 1
Name Ruleset
Nordenwatch Domination
Battle for Praag King of the Hill
Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
Tier 2
Mourkain Temple
Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
Tier 3
Mourkain Temple
Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
Reikland Factory
Tier 4
Mourkain Temple
Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
Reikland Factory
Caledor Woods (6v6)
Grovod Caverns (MP)

Other ScenariosEdit

These Scenarios may be exclusive to a Live Event or Weekend Warfront, or for some other reason are not generally available for players to fight in.

Name Info
Black Fire Basin Blood Basin - Weekend Warfront
Blood of the Black Cairn Battle at the Cairn - Weekend Warfront
College of Corruption Sigmar Tide - Live Event
Doomfist Crater Days of Doom - Weekend Warfront
Dragon's Bane Bane of Peace - Weekend Warfront
Highpass Cemetery Spirit of War - Weekend Warfront
Howling Gorge Howling For Blood - Weekend Warfront
Kadrin Valley Pass ???
Khaine's Embrace Deadly Embrace - Weekend Warfront
Logrin's Forge Forged in Blood - Weekend Warfront
Lost Temple of Isha ???
Maw of Madness ???
Phoenix Gate Battle at the Gate - Weekend Warfront
Reikland Hills ???
Serpent's Passage ???
Stone Troll Crossing Stonetroll Slaughter - Weekend Warfront
Talabec Dam Talabec Massacre - Weekend Warfront
The Eternal Citadel Foray of Fate - Weekend Warfront
The Ironclad Scurvy Dogs - Weekend Warfront
Thunder Valley ???
Tor Anroc ???
Twisting Tower Bitter Rivals Live Event

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