Sacrifice Over Excess

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This is a Bestiary Unlock for the Daemonette.

Destruction & OrderEdit

Click on the "Second Journal of Lliean" at 14700,8500 in Dragonwake to spawn Jezebeth. Kill her for an Icy Heart. Does not drop every time. There is a short waiting time between spawns. No more than 10 seconds. The text on the Icy Heart reads:

Cold to the touch, the daemonic matter emanates the promise of blissful corruption. Such evil can only be undone at the source.

Take the Icy Heart and go to the Altar of Broken Flesh in The Chaos Wastes at 54500,16500. When you click the Altar you will get the unlock and see the text:

The Icy Heart falls on the altar and explodes with a sudden warm brilliance. You know for certain that you are being watched by unseen eyes.


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