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Creature Info
Type Humanoids
Sub-Type Dwarfs
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown
Runepriest concept art

For lore and class information see Runepriest

Tome Unlocks Edit

Destruction Only

Task Reward Destruction Text
Encounter a Runepriest XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Runepriestss XP: 204 N/A
Victim Title: The Stonewalled, XP: 336 Be Defeated by a Runepriest
Kill 100 Runepriests XP: 500 N/A
Spoils of War  ??? Collect a Specific Item from a Vanquished Runepriest
Kill 1,000 Runepriests XP: ???  ???
What do We Have Here? Pocket Item: Simpleton's Guides to Runes, XP: 1476 Learn about the Runepriest by completing a specific task
 ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???
 ???  ???  ???

Order Only

Task Reward Order Text
What do We Have Here?  ???, 1476Xp Learn about the Runepriest by completing a specific task

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