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The famed Runefangs are the magical, rune-encrusted swords carried by the Elector Counts of the Empire. Following the First Battle of Black Fire Pass, Sigmar founded the Empire and as a sign of friendship the Dwarf High King had the famous runesmith Alaric the Mad forge the Runefangs, one for each of the chieftains of the tribes that now make out the Empire. Due to the perfectionism of the dwarves, they were not finished before all of the counts had perished and was delivered to the second generation of Electors.

The Twelve RunefangsEdit

Two positions of Elector Counts has been abolished:

  • "Grudge Settler" (Solland), Solland was destroyed and its Runefang taken by the Orc Warboss Gorbad Ironclaw, after alot of trouble it was regained, and is now in the hands of Kurt Helborg, Reichmarshall of the Empire.
  • "Beast Slayer" (Drakwald), Drakwald was not destroyed by an invasion, but buckled in unto itself because of the many Beastmen in the forests. Its Runefang now lies in the treasury of Altdorf, where it is kept until it is needed in the defence of the Empire.

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