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Rune of Serenity
Learned on Rank 1
Path of Grimnir
Usable by Rune Priest Icon Small Rune Priest
40 AP
150 ft range
1.0s cast
10s cooldown
Heals target for 389 life over 9 seconds, and will then bounce to and heal other allies within 30 feet of the previous target. Effect will not hit the same target more than once, and will heal up to 6 people.

Each time Rune of Serenity bounces to a new ally, it may trigger abilities dependent on healing effects, such as Ancestor's Echo or Blessing of Grungni. The abilities will only trigger during the first tick of the healing over-time effect.

According to the patch notes for 1.2, the Rune of Serenity will no longer trigger Restorative Burst.

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