Rune of Cython

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The Rune of Cython

Activate the Rune in Chrace Destruction side at location 13k, 27.3k directly west of the bridge leading out of Malagurn's Charge, against a cliff among some trees. Upon activation the unlock The Rune of Cython should be received.

Note: Order has a Rune of Cython at 59.3k, 12.2k in Blighted Isle. This works as well. - Confirmed

Description- The Serpent is a rune of many meanings for the High Elves. It represents not only wisdom, but futility and frustration. It is the symbol of Lileath, the goddess of arcane dreams and powerful magic. The charmed stones that bear the Rune of Cython will guide many to undiscovered knowledge. Whether or not the traveler is able to make use of what he has learned is a different matter entirely.

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