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This article is about a public quest, for the Gods of Chaos, see the redirect page: Ruinous Powers.

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Ruinous Powers

Tier 1 Easy Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Norsca
Chapter 1
Rally Master {{{rally}}}

Ruinous Powers is a public quest in Norsca avaliable to Destruction players. The Raven Host has begun attempts to use the carnage in Thorshafn to summon a daemon of Tzeentch, but the Thorshafn militia has mounted a spurious defense against the ritual.


Stage One - Thorshafn MilitiaEdit

Rid the summoning grounds of the meddlesome weaklings. Kill the Thorshafn militiamen.

In this stage you must slay 25 of the Thorshafn Militia located around the binding stones. Each kill will be rewarded by Experience and Influence.

Stage Two - Harvest SoulsEdit

Bolster the power of the dark ritual. Harvest the souls of the fallen from the tombstones.

In the second stage you must harvest souls from the gravestones scattered around the binding stones. This action takes a few seconds in which you are vulnerable to attack. This stage introduces the Thorshafn Soldier a Champion level mob. (It actually seems he is not Champion level anymore.)

Stage Three - Slay Kar'Thok The BloodhoundEdit

A daemon of another dark power emerges. Prove the Raven Hosts's supremacy over all other Ruinous Powers. Defeat the denizen of rage.

After the souls have been harvested, a brief scene will be played out where a Bloodhound of Khorne is accidentally summoned. Kar'Thok is a Hero Mob that will require coordination to defeat. (As for Torsfahn soldiers, Kar'Thok has been nerfed (weakened) and is naw Champion instead of Hero.)

Tip: for shooters (Magus, Sorcerers, Squig herder) and healers (Zealot, Khaine's disciple), it is a good idea to climb on top of stones "claws" surrounding the pit where Kar'Thok appear. Make sure you see him and your comrades, and you can heal/shoot safely.


These Mobs are featured in this PQ.


Hero Tier


Champion Tier

Quest Rewards Edit

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