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The term Roll in an MMORPG has three very distinct meanings:

  • The outcome of a random event, such as hitting or missing an opponent.
  • The act in starting a new character
  • The process to determine who wins loot

Random EventsEdit

When an ability or skill has a chance to fail or succeed there is usually a roll involved. Though not technically a roll of the dice the term has evolved from Pen and Paper RPGs where chance to resist or hit were determined by the value of a dice roll plus modifiers. This adds randomness to abilities and skills so that even where you have a 95% success rate a bad roll can cause a failure.

Starting a new characterEdit

This usage also evolved from Pen and Paper RPGs where you physically roll dice to determine a random stat array. Even though you don't get random stats at character creation in WAR the term still applies to starting a new character. When starting a new character to use as a main the term reroll applies.


When an enemy drops any loot the typical way to determine who receives it is a need before greed basis. However when multiple players in the group determine they all need the item or no one needs it then generally a roll is used. This is equivalent of rolling physical dice with a random numerical outcome, the highest roll wins and thus receives the item.

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