Rock of Galirian

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Rock of Galirian

Rock of Galirian

Tier {{{tier}}} Normal Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone The Shadowlands
Chapter 5
Rally Master

The Rock of Galirian is a subzone and normal difficulty Public Quest for the forces of Destruction, located in The Shadowlands. It is part of the Chapter 5 Dark Elf storyline.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The Wights that wander the ancient battlefields on the coast of the Shadowlands are a resource House Uthorin are unwilling to pass up. Dark Elf Sorceresses have begun a ritual designed to empower the Wights with enough strength to break free of the coast and begin an assault on the High Elf camps throughout the Shadowlands.

Tasks Edit

NOTE: 2 Galirian Wardens (Champion) will spawn for each Uthorin Dreadcaller.

Rock of Galirian NPCs Edit

Rock of Galirian Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Rock of Galirian Rewards Edit

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