Ritual of Khorne

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This is an Achievement in the Pursuits subcategory, under the Random Sacrifice heading.

In Norsca is a flat stone Altar of Bloodshed. Pull a nearby mob and position it on top of the altar. When you kill a mob on the altar you will unlock this achievement. The altar will disappear roughly 30 seconds later, as will all other altars in this pursuit, so the entire pursuit cannot be completed all at once.

Like the altars in the other Rituals, it appears to have a very long cool down. There are always multiple spawn points for these altars, if you find more coordinates please report them here as well.

Known Locations Edit

  • 48600, 61000 (pull a Wild Razorswine or Spite)
  • 29568,42486 (pull a Frost Talon Vulture [D])
  • 48400,67000 (pull a Spite)
  • 32000,45500 (pull a Frost Talon Vulture)
  • 20200,45900 (pull a Frost Talon Vulture)


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