Rightfully Ours III

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Rightfully Ours

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Durak's Mine
Start Grimy Gold
End Vel Thronrinson

Quest Chain

Vel Thronrinson


Grimy Gold

  • Rightfully Ours III


Rightfully Ours III map
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Grimacing with distaste, you bite down on the filth-covered nugget. Although the taste leaves much to be desired, the quality is beyond dispute. This find should make Vel Thronrinson very, very happy.

- Upon Examination: Grimy Gold

Summary Edit

Deliver the Grimy Gold to Vel Thronrinson in Redhammer Station.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

So Gordsson's still breathing, is he? Oh, he'll be fine. Haven't seen anything he couldn't handle with a stout hammer and a stiff brew.

This it? Well, we'll just see what aid ol' Vel can squeeze out of this little bit of luck.

- Vel Thronrinson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 993
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Preserver's Irongaunts
Rune Priest Icon Preserver's Runecuffs
Engineer Icon Preserver's Work Gloves
Slayer Icon Preserver's Armbraces
Bright Wizard Icon Preserver's Scorchguards
Warrior Priest Icon Preserver's Fists
Witch Hunter Icon Preserver's Coursegloves
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Preserver's Brassarts
Swordmaster Icon Preserver's Vambraces
Archmage Icon Preserver's Braces
Shadow Warrior Icon Preserver's Armguards
White Lion Icon Preserver's Wristguards

External Links Edit

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